Process Driven Analysis Providing Winning Results

Data is the new gold. Understanding the value of the data you have helps give you the tools you need to make smart decisions in your marketing.

At Innovate Online, using data and analytics is a foundational process in providing insights that help make confident decisions, review historical performance, and understand how to get results.

Smarter Data Resourcing, Analysis and Intelligence

Ensure your business is well-resourced and well-informed in identifying opportunities to grow, acquire customers and scale as you roadmap your marketing efforts.


Establish an infrastructure and process accurate data from multi-channel sources


Investigate patterns, collate data intelligence and visualise KPIs


Monitor data trends,make data-informed experiments and optimisations

An integrated process with data helps provide clients with the confidence to:

  • Activate Data: Interconnect multiple data sources and perform analysis that surface quality insights into the performance and strategy of their marketing channels.
  • Sanitise and Organise Data: Ensure data is clean, accurate and trustworthy so the organisation can make confident decisions based on their data attribution.
  • Understand Data and Form a Strategy: Simplify access to intelligence from data and empower your business to better understand the insights with guides, shared sources and collaboration.
  • Share Usable Data Assets and Tooling: Transform data into useful assets, easy to digest graphs and reliable reporting to empower marketing resourcing.


The Three Pillars of a Process-Driven Data Analysis for Marketing

  • Concrete Data: Reliable & trustworthy data provides a confident foundation in understanding the core fundamentals of how customers interact with your business.
  • Clear Insights: Digestible reporting helps create a culture of data-informed decision making, confident reporting and empowers a business to understand their data.
  • Smart Intelligence: Integrated analytics provide the right insight to the right person to make the right decision. Seamless marketing intelligence becomes a frictionless part of the decision making process within your marketing strategy.


The end-to-end process involving data, insights and intelligence produces:

  • All-in-One Dashboard for SEO Insights both Real-Time and Monthly
    (Rankings, Traffic, Revenue, WIP & Roadmap)
  • Paid Search Monthly Reports with Campaign Overviews
    (Budget, Spend, ROI, Campaign Effectiveness)
  • Auditing of Analytics Data Collection, Filtering and Attribution.
    Ensures accurate data for confident insights
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads and CRM data for multi-channel attribution modelling
    Regular reviews and management of data – providing insights with business impact and educating relevant stakeholders to derive insights from data
  • Long term KPIs modelled based on growth, goals and high-performance marketing
    Resource planning, forecasting and road mapping to meet growth objectives
  • Competitor benchmarking, share of voice and unearthing competitive opportunities based on relative search landscapes in industry vertical.
  • Data sanitisation, tag management, script migration, testing and validation across multi-tag environments and properties.
  • Forming data-backed hypotheses, running experiments and validating results to help innovate new solutions within the marketing process.


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